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International Conference and Exhibition
Hotel "Izvor", Aranđelovac, June 5th – 6th, 2019

INFOTECH 2019 will pay special attention to the application of new information technologies in the work:

  • State Bodies and Institutions
  • Local Governments
  • Public Enterprises and Institutions
  • Operators of Fixed and Mobile Telephony
  • Internet service providers
  • Post Offices
  • Financial Institutions
  • Large Business Systems
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce

INFOTECH 2019 is intended for managers to come to the knowledge of the possibilities of application of new information and communication technologies in the modernization of business as well as to IT professionals to acquire and exchange of experiences on the application of these technologies:

  • Round table I: "How do we get e-Identification available for all?"
  • Round table II: "Improving business with blockchain technology"
  • Meetings of Serbian chapters of IEEE EdSoc and ISACA association.

The conference will be presented works and valuable technical results achieved, in the following areas:

  • Cloud Computing
  • The social network
  • IoT - Internet of Things
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Data Centers
  • DC Outsourcing
  • E-mail accounts
  • Mobile telephony fourth generation
  • Mobile applications in business
  • Information Systems public authorities and public administrations (e-government)
  • Implementation of Electronic Identification Documents
  • Financial Information Systems
  • Security Solutions (ISO 27000)
  • BI - Business Intelligence Systems
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • ICT and the digital economy
  • e-business
  • e-education
  • e-health
  • Web marketing
  • Computer networks and telecommunications
  • Information Security Systems
  • DMS - Document Management Systems
  • Logistics information systems
  • Project Management
  • HR - Human Resource
  • Risk management
  • Revision IS 



  • Dr Dušan Starčević, President, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Mr Vladan Pantović, Vice President, College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade


  • Dr Emil Jovanov, University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA
  • Dr Zoran Jovanović, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
  • Olivera Kosić, RTS Editorial of Education and Science
  • Dr Zoran Marjanović, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Dr Miroslav Minović, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Dr Vojislav Mišić, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
  • Dr Milan Prokin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
  • Dr Jelica Protić, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
  • Dr Gordana Radić, Univerzitet Apeiron, Banja Luka
  • Dr Dragica Radosav, Technical Faculty, Zrenjanin
  • Mr Zoran Savić, Smartis Group, Belgrade
  • Dr Dejan Simić, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Milan Simić, Telekom Srbija, Belgrade
  • Dr Dušan Surla, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Novi Sad
  • Dr Velimir Štavljanin, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
  • Dr Mladen Vejnović, University Singidunum, Belgrade
  • Dr Dejan Vidojević, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade



INFOTECH 2019 will be organized within plenary sessions, invited lectures, accepted papers, presentations work sessions, presentations of selected solutions, roundtables and presentations of manufacturers of hardware and software solutions.

The meeting will follow accredited television and newspapers. It will also be recorded for specialized TV show.



During the Conference INFOTECH 2019 leading companies in the field of computer engineering will present specific ICT solutions which is of particular interest to the participants.